ACB Wants the Cable Providers to Keep Their Promise

On January 5, 2019, the new President of the Greater New York Council of the Blind, a chapter of the American Council of the Blind, brought forth his agenda for his term. Mr. Terence Page stated that he wanted GNYCB to demand that cable providers do what they're obligated to do by law. Our money is just as good as everyone else’s, so why are we getting inferior service? Mr. Page went on to say Spectrum, Verizon, and CableVision are not providing audio description, accessible billing, accessible contracts, accessible channel guides in Braille or large print, or accessible Web sites, among other issues. The providers are not guilty of breaking all of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules, but they all break the law in one way or another. My goal is to bring all of the cable providers to our chapter to answer the question “Why?”.

With this goal in mind, Victor Andrews set off with a dogmatic and relentless goal to have a cable provider meet with our chapter.  Mr. Andrews has been very successful at getting the cable companies' attention. On March 2 from 2:00-4:00, the Disability Specialist from Spectrum, Petr Kucheryavyy, was the first to address our concerns. Mr. Andrews hopes to get Verizon to confirm for our April 6 or May 4 meeting.

We at GNYCB invite all to attend and get your questions answered without having to listen to that annoying hold music!