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OMNY Card Information

The OMNY card is an enhanced MetroCard. OMNY stands for One Metro New York. Here are some important points:
  1. An OMNY card can be a standalone MTA OMNY card or be placed on a debit or credit card or smartphone with the OMNY app. It can be used at turnstiles, on local buses at the front or back, on express buses, by MetroNorth and LIRR conductors on the trains, and on Access-A-Ride vehicles. Use on eHail cars is still being worked out. To use it, place it next to the sensor, also called the card reader. If it is accepted, you will see green and words in large print, and you will hear a beep. If it is rejected, you will see red and words in large print, and you will hear two beeps. There can be several reasons for rejection, such as insufficient funds or a broken machine, which you can see but cannot hear.

  2. You can add money to the card at a vending machine, at a token booth depending upon COVID recovery, at a retail store, by a telephone call to (718) 330-1234 , by mobile app not yet available, or via the website If you use the MTA OMNY card, you can add money manually or you can have the card refilled automatically when the amount on the card falls below a certain amount, such as $10.

  3. Reduced-fare OMNY cards are pay per ride; unlike the MetroCard, there is no monthly maximum. These cards will be available in 2022, and MetroCards will be phased out by mid-2023. You will have to set up your new OMNY card account by phone or website, and you will be able to transfer any unused money from your old MetroCard to your new OMNY card.

  4. You will have your own OMNY card account which is stored on an MTA computer; there is no information stored on your card. For a reduced-fare card, you may choose to use only one device--either an MTA card, which will be mailed to you; a personal credit or debit card; or a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android phone. You can access your OMNY information by phone at (718) 330-1234 ; on the mobile app, which is not yet available; or on the website . On the mobile app or website, you can also get schedule information.

  5. The MTA will contact you when you must switch to an OMNY card. If you want further information, go to or call (718) 330-1234

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